This Ramadan A Million Food Packets…Milestone Achieved

Ramadan being a forerunner for all Muslims to donate to charity it indeed has an impact on different parts of the world. Small contribution through zakat (a religious obligation for all Muslims) or sadaqa ( voluntary giving) makes a large difference for people who face hunger and in desperate need of help.

Many individuals and large NGOs be it WEFA,Tuisa Stiftung, AktiveJugend, Penny Appeal, Human Relief etc strive hard to make their social projects/activities visible and pave to be an inspiration for all with their social activities they support and the impact they make.

MYFUNDBOX is proud to provide expertise in managing payment solutions and crowdfunding. It inspires us to keep working with such wonderful people and encourages us help them continue building trust with their crowdfunding activities and to reach many more such milestones ahead.

MYFUNDBOX provides solutions for online Payments, Subscription Management and CrowdFunding in an efficient way.

Mohamed I Thimiri

Driving a vision to make payments simple and managing subscriptions easily through MYFUNDBOX

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