Complete cycle of Subscription Billing with MYFUNDBOX

 With the onset of online shopping and online transaction increasing in trend, you need the best and most efficient payment gateways to make your customer’s experience more effortless. Choosing the right payment gateway is critical for any business.

 MYFUNDBOX is a hub for all your subscriptions and billing transactions for different businesses. This platform allows customers to pay for subscriptions quickly. MYFUNDBOX uses premium technology to accept, process, and manage all your subscriptions and invoices for any business-to-business transaction and SaaS (Software as a service) businesses.

 MYFUNDBOX sets up your subscription billing, installment payments and invoice bills quickly, requiring no advanced technical skill set. This platform even works well to send invoices to your customers with very minimal transaction costs.

How MYFUNDBOX can help your business:

Since customer service is the heart and soul of any business, your services should be accessible to your customers. The final step to every transaction process is the checkout page. This page is where customers will enter all their billing information and finally make their purchases.

 The checkout page must be easy to use and simple to understand for the customers. MYFUNDBOX is one such platform that lets you bring this idea of an efficient transaction process to life.

 To enhance your customers’ experience, provide multiple payment methods. It is impossible to have every single payment option on your page. Still, you can have various options by organizing them under net banking, card payment, online wallets, etc.

 MYFUNDBOX has more than 15 different payment options available to customers. It allows the payment method to be fast, easy, and caters to all clients. Apart from standard payment options like Credit card and Payal MYFUNDBOX online payment platform also variety of payment methods and Wallets EPS, Bancontact, Google Pay, Apple Pay, P24, iDEAL, Klarna, Sofort etc from its Partner Payment Network. This variety ensures that the customer payment experience is kept straightforward, efficient, cost effective and simple.

  Another way to make this process simple is by not redirecting your customers to another page. Make sure that the customer knows where to go next on the final payment page. 

 MYFUNDBOX has a straightforward process when making transactions. The process is easy to complete, and checkout is done on a single page. In this way, the customers don’t have to wait for long durations to complete the payment. 

 The most crucial element of this process is ensuring your customers that your site is secure and legit. As a business, you should do your best to reassure your customers that your site is trustworthy. Especially since checkout and payment always involve sensitive data and personal information.

 MYFUNDBOX works in alliance with leading financial partner, Stripe, an online payment processing for any online businesses. It provides high-level security, is stable and very secure. MYFUNDBOX has also partnered with other Fintech Unicorns through whom they offer secure PSD2 and PCI Compliant Payment Platforms. 

Some of the most notable features of MYFUNDBOX are:

 Business dashboard

Using MYFUNDBOX, you get the key insights that provide accurate information about all activations, cancellations, net revenue, and churn rates.

 Billing automation

You can automate billing for subscriptions through user-preferred schedules. In this way, you don’t have to worry about your next billing date.


Invoicing has never been more comfortable as with MYFUNDBOX. For both online and offline payment, you can invoice your customers with a detailed yet straightforward line of items. This includes all the tax details about their region as well. The tax and bill invoices in MYFUNDBOX are customized to fit the customer’s needs.

 Subscription list

With an intuitive design, MYFUNDBOX offers users the opportunity to view all their transaction histories easily. This list includes all the upcoming, successful, and declined transactions in one view and efficiently manages them. You can even cancel or modify subscriptions through this list.

 Customer portfolio

The customer portfolio in MYFUNDBOX offers a consolidated view of all the payments and subscriptions on a single page. This feature is to ensure that subscription payments easy and more doable. All transactions, modes of payment, and invoice status can be viewed and sent to your customers as needed.

 Multiple currencies: 

MYFUNDBOX gives its customers the luxury of choosing any currency to make a transaction. It gives you the option to create plans in any currency. Because of this, customers worldwide can make sure of these services and pay in their currency.

 Payment links

MYFUNDBOX platform lets you create and share the payment link easily. This means that you can share the link of the payment site and send it to your customers. Thus, you can collect your payments more quickly and efficiently.

 MYFUNDBOX online payment is a platform that has the infrastructure to support all your financial needs. The goal is to make the payment process as easy as possible. This aspect ensures that receiving money and paying money becomes faster and more efficient.

 Advantages of using MYFUNDBOX

  • Simple and easy use of the software, making it accessible to the public 
  • MYFUNDBOX handles recurring bills and subscription invoices no matter how complex they are.
  • State of the art Scalable Cloud Infrastructure to ensure payment scale 
  • This platform provides users with multiple payment gateways. With this feature, customers have a variety of payment methods to choose from when making a transaction.
  • MYFUNDBOX has a payment page that is hosted so that you can collect payments quickly and efficiently. 
  • It is affordable. Currently, MYFUNDBOX has a lifetime deal at $59.
  • It can be used across a variety of devices while simultaneously increasing your conversion.
  • You can even make offline payments with MYFUNDBOX.
  • There is a provision for unlimited users on this platform.
  • You get unlimited email notifications for all your transactions on MYFUNDBOX.
  • There is excellent 24×7 customer support for all your queries regarding MYFUNDBOX.

 You can use MYFUNDBOX in a range of areas. Such as- SaaS, Small to medium businesses, freelancing, service providers, IT Firms, E-learning, and even Health Care. It also comes with exceptional customer support system and policy. You can use MYFUNDBOX to quickly achieve outstanding transparency in customer transactions, fundraising, and payment automation. 


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