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Transparent Subscription management tool

MYFUNDBOX – Global Subscription Billing Platform

Since 2021MYFUNDBOX a bootstrapped Start-up, has been offering a Subscription Billing Platform for all business that rely on recurring payments and Subscriptions. 

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A billing solution for your global growth

As more and more enterprise businesses move toward a SaaS or recurring service model, they need a billing solution that can manage recurring invoices and payments. But that’s not all—they also need a solution that can save time and resources, reduce accounting and reporting errors, and handle compliance and tax across multiple markets as the business grows.

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The fast track to recurring revenue

Operating on a subscription-based model is proven to help startups go to market faster and enjoy greater flexibility. For all smaller businesses, it’s also a way to acquire repeat customers, add new revenue streams, and grow market share. However, because recurring payments require a different approach to billing than one-time purchases, launching this type of business isn’t always as simple as deciding to do it. 

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Smart fraud detection with MYFUNDBOX and Stripe Radar

Fraud costs merchants more than an estimated $20 billion every year. But beyond that sky-high number are all the ancillary impacts that fraud can have on a business: increased customer churn, lower credit card authorization rates, network and operational costs, and damage to the brand due to customers being incorrectly flagged as fraudsters. To stay competitive, businesses need to detect fraud without compromising customer experience, and use modern strategies to detect, flag, and resolve fraud in real-time.

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Offer a true omnichannel experience with MYFUNDBOX and Stripe

Even with the massive growth in #ecommerce, more than 90% of purchases still happen in person. Because of this, numerous businesses have recently expanded their solutions to include in-person payments. But while accepting in-person payments opens up vast opportunities, it also comes with its own set of challenges, including the need to integrate #online and #offline payment systems, and more. 

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MYFUNDBOX, in partnership with Stripe, helps businesses grow through improved cash flow and more flexibility for customers

As more businesses migrate online, MYFUNDBOX Subscription billing is continuously expanding our own solutions to make it simpler for our customers to future-proof their brands through shifting business models, global expansion and investments in new technology.

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MYFUNDBOX partners with Stripe to help businesses scale and adapt

In recent years, the ecommerce industry has experienced unprecedented growth—and it continues to grow: Worldwide retail ecommerce sales, having grown more than 25 percent in 2020, are projected to climb another 16.8% in 2021. That's a tremendous opportunity for the enterprises poised to grab it. As more businesses migrate online, we're continuously expanding our own solutions to make it simpler for our customers to future-proof their brands through shifting business models, global expansion, and investments in new technology.

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