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Why is Customer Retention important In SaaS Businesses?

A loyal and retained customer will act as an ambassador of your brand and product, and provide recurring cash flow to your business. Bringing New customers is not only an effort taking but promising job as well. It is not about selling a product, it is about gaining customers.  When the matured customers are happy, it’s easier to attract new ones.  

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Transparent Subscription management tool

MYFUNDBOX – Global Subscription Billing Platform

Since 2021MYFUNDBOX a bootstrapped Start-up, has been offering a Subscription Billing Platform for all business that rely on recurring payments and Subscriptions. 

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5 tips to  Choose Right Subscription Billing Software For Your Business

In today's world, subscription billing is at its lime light. Though billing is one of the least interesting part of a business but at the same time it is one of the most crucial part of a business too! It is important to streamline your billing system so that it doesn't affect the financials of your business. In terms of having a smooth business transactions, you must avoid cash flow problems and to attain this you should look into the best billing platform as billing is the first step to any successful business. 

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