Offer a true omnichannel experience with MYFUNDBOX and Stripe

Even with the massive growth in #ecommerce, more than 90% of purchases still happen in person. Because of this, numerous businesses have recently expanded their solutions to include in-person payments. But while accepting in-person payments opens up vast opportunities, it also comes with its own set of challenges, including the need to integrate #online and #offline payment systems, and more. 

To help you overcome those challenges, we’re partnering with Stripe to offer in-person payments with #Stripe Terminal. Terminal lets you handle in-person payments with pre-certified card readers that are ready to go out of the box, so you can start accepting payments right away. 

Terminal is fully integrated with the Stripe platform, which lets you easily reconcile your online and offline transactions—no time-consuming manual reconciliation required. A unified view of all your sales makes it simple to track what’s selling and what’s not. 

To learn more about how MYFUNDBOX and Stripe can help you start offering in-person #payment options to your customers today, visit partner's landing page or connect with our Sales team through live chat in website.

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