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EU VAT Validation

VAT Validation

Businesses selling goods and services to European customers needs to collect VAT (value-added tax), even if their business is not established in Europe. As all European countries have different VAT rules and rates, staying compliant can be challenging. The European Commission has made an effort to simplify VAT collection and payment, but this hasn’t entirely spared businesses of VAT complexities. For example, if your business sells to another business in the EU (rather than to a customer directly), you may not be required to collect VAT—depending on where both businesses are based. And for all sales where VAT is collected, the government requires you to collect additional data to confirm the address of your customer.  
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Stripe Partner MYFUNDBOX


MYFUNDBOX is a Global Subscription Billing Platform where one can process, manage and accept subscription billing for SaaS Companies, Freelancers, Coaches and all type of businesses that need recurring payments. With flexibility to create custom billing cycles and configurable customer preferred payment methods customer conversion increases substantially.

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Online Coaches and Subscription Billing

I could seldom imagine myself  accepting the fact that education could be done online some twenty years ago. Now Iam still trying to accept the fact that my kids take music classes online. Learning how to play the piano online. Really? 

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