Online Coaches and Subscription Billing

I could seldom imagine myself  accepting the fact that education could be done online some twenty years ago. Now Iam still trying to accept the fact that my kids take music classes online. Learning how to play the piano online. Really? 

Like how technology has dissolved boundaries  and connected people from every corner of the world ,so has the boundaries for coaches and trainers in finding and training students across the world. A lot of scope for trainers has opened up to train  students who are in different geographical locations yet are just a click away. 

Be it online or offline, coaching students requires tremendous amount of effort and energy. It is only fair that coaches focus all that energy in training students and incorporating different teaching methodologies rather than wasting time in maintaining records. Any kind of clerical work is an additional burden let alone keeping track of student invoices and payments. How good it would be if these coaches are empowered with a tool which would take care of all their clerical work  and save a lot of their valuable time. 

With this thought in mind MYFUNDBOX, a subscription billing platform was tailored to accommodate the needs of  coaches in different streams and came out with a user friendly, simple ,SaaS product which would not only manage and track the students invoices and payments but also give the students and coaches the flexibility to send and receive the money in their preferred currency and payment method. 

With three pioneer Payment Gateways like Stripe, Mollie and Go Cardless available in 40 countries and supporting over 135 currencies across the world and more than  50 payment methods ,MYFUNDBOX aims to make the job of coaches easy by taking care of their subscriptions and keeping track of payments in a simple and customizable way. Both one-off and recurring payments and the ability to create customizable plans enable coaches to expand their student base swiftly . 

So if you are a truly dedicated coach keen on expanding  your aspiring student base, and smart enough to manage your time for that which matters you the most, empower yourself with a SaaS product like MYFUNDBOX  that will take care of the rest. 

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