Stripe Partner MYFUNDBOX


MYFUNDBOX is a Global Subscription Billing Platform where one can process, manage and accept subscription billing for SaaS Companies, Freelancers, Coaches and all type of businesses that need recurring payments. With flexibility to create custom billing cycles and configurable customer preferred payment methods customer conversion increases substantially.

MYFUNDBOX have several features which help in business to business transactions.

  • Customers can make Subscription payments with one or more payment methods.
  • Customers can manage their subscriptions through customer portal
  • Payments are processed through securely through Payment Partner Stripe
  • You can use both debit cards and credit cards to make payments.
  • You get the option of Automated Clearing House or ACH processing in US and SEPA in EU
  • Fraud Transactions are handled through Stripe Radar AI powered Fraud Detection  
  • Payments are processed within 5 Business Days and you receive payments in your bank account

What is Stripe? 

Stripe is an online platform that helps in processing payments. The payments are related to business. It allows smooth transaction of finance between the customer and you. You can transfer money into your bank account from the customer’s account quickly through it.

There are more than 14 locations of Stripe in different countries, including Asia, Europe, Australia, and America. The headquarter of it is located in San Francisco.

In other words, it helps in processing the payments of customers from all over the world in more than a hundred currencies so that you get your money with no hassles. This online mode of payment is entirely secured as the safety-related certification is based on PCI Service Provider. PCI is considered to be one of the most strict certification levels in the online payment industry.

Stripe Partner MYFUNDBOX

Stripe partnership with  MYFUNDBOX has processed more than 2 Mil € through this payment gateway alone.

MYFUNDBOX and its partnership helps freelancers, Coaches, Small business with no code experience setup subscription payments for customers with a few clicks. Your  customers now have a choice to select one or more payment methods for them to pay their subscriptions. All payments are visible in MYFUNDBOX Dashboard.

Transactions are safe and secure through Stripe  

The best part with MYFUNDBOX and its Integration with this payment gateway is all subscriptions are managed within MYFUNDBOX Subscription Platform and transactions are processed through Stripe. MYFUNDBOX does not add additional fees per transaction whereas Stripe Billing adds transaction charges per transaction. 

Get Started with Stripe Partner MYFUNDBOX Subscription Billing Platform today!

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