How to Use Pay Links to Get Paid Faster and Easier

Do you agree the process of making a payment and the process of getting paid for your services should be smooth sailing? 

We are living in an era, where AI is turning every gigantic task into just a matter of a few clicks. Why shouldn’t the payment wing catch up to that speed? 

Want to streamline your payment process? Pay links are the answer!  

It is the latest and most effective way to get paid faster and to make the payment process easier for your customers.

What is a Pay Link?  

A Pay Link or payment link is a secure link that is sent to the customer to make a payment online for a raised invoice. This is a hyperlink that can be sent through an e-mail, SMS, social media, or any app to the customer for payment. 

Once the link is received, the customer clicks the ‘Pay Now’ button, they will be taken to a secure payment page where they can enter their payment information and complete the transaction. Once the payment is processed, the funds will be deposited directly into your account, thus completing the payment online securely, thereby saving time and effort. 

Who can send a Pay Link? 

A Pay Link can be created and sent for online payments by people in different orientations like online coaches, freelancers, e-learning, Marketing, SaaS, Publishing, Solopreneurs, Media and Advertising, Entrepreneurs, and merchants.

How to create a pay link?

To start using pay links, you need to choose a payment processing platform that offers this feature. Once you have chosen a platform, you can create a pay link by logging into your account and navigating to the pay link section. From there, you can customize the link according to your plan details, payment amount, and any other relevant information. Once the link is created, you can share it with your clients via email, text message, or social media. How easy was that?

Share the pay link with your clients or customers

After creating the pay link, you can share it with your customers through any communication mode. You can do this by sending them an email or text message with the link included, or by sharing it on your social media accounts. You can customize the pay link for specific customers according to your customers. You can offer a trial period or give them a respite of a few days. 

This tailor-made personalization attracts customers and increases retention, reducing churn. By using pay links, you can make the payment process faster and easier for both you and your clients, leading to a more efficient and streamlined business.

Monitor payments and follow up 

While pay links can make the payment process easier, it's still important to monitor payments and follow up as needed. Keep track of when payments are due and follow up with clients who have not yet paid. You can send automated reminders through email or text message, or even give them a call. By staying on top of payments, you can ensure that your business stays financially healthy with predictable cash flow and that you get paid on time.  

Create a pay link for each plan or service you offer

To make the payment process as easy as possible for your clients, create a pay link for each plan or service you offer. This way, clients can simply click on the link and enter their payment information, without having to navigate through your website or contact you directly. Be sure to include a clear description of the plan name or service in the pay link, as well as the price and any applicable taxes or fees. You can also customize the pay link with your branding and logo to make it more professional and recognizable.

About us: 

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With this, customers across the world have a wide option of payment methods to choose from and also can make payments in their local currency.       

In partnership with Google Cloud, MYFUNDBOX provides a single platform to enable customer-preferred payments globally. 

With MYFUNDBOX you can create PayLinks in a matter of seconds, be it either for One-Off or recurring payment, with or without the website. 

With MYFUNDBOX you are guaranteed to get paid faster as you make your customer’s jobs easy by allowing them to pay in their preferred payment method. A happy customer is a returning customer and you can make this happen with one smart solution like MYFUNDBOX!

Here is a video tutorial on creating Paylink with MYFUNDBOX:


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