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AI: The Tool That Helps Humans, Not Replaces Them

Artificial intelligence has been a matter of contention in recent times. It has caused havoc in many people's minds regarding their job security. It has dug into the seed of worry that, AI with its superpower might replace humans, as the task and knowledge are both available with just a click, while humans take time to complete, thus it might potentially replace humans.   

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How Subscriptions Are Changing the Future of E-Commerce Business

Subscriptions have been ringing the bells hard, with everything from entertainment to groceries now available through a monthly fee. This business model has transformed many e-commerce industries and there is no looking back to it. With innovations and opportunities on the horizon, the subscription business is growing at a rapid pace. Many E-Commerce companies are looking for a way to adopt the subscription service model in their businesses. Moreover, in almost all the industry, subscription service models are being implemented to keep up with the trend. Thus, the subscription business is doing great in today’s world, and its future looks brighter than ever.   

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