What is a custom domain and why it is important for SaaS business?

Are you a SaaS business owner who wants recurring revenue and growth over a long run? 

Then this is for you, 

Imagine your customer made it to the checkout page for a purchase. When They look at your site's name to ensure that they are paying the right person and see your business name no were! 

Do you think that they will continue their purchase? 

No right? To clear up such huge traumas here's a simple way to create your own custom domain. 

In this blog we will see what custom domain is and its importance for your SaaS business's revenue and growth. 

What is a custom domain? 

Generally, a custom domain refers to a web address that is unique to a particular website or web application. It is the personalized and branded URL that SaaS businesses can use to create a more professional online presence.

Custom domain is crucial for your SaaS (Software as a Service) business. 

Why? Because it enhances the overall customer experience and adds credibility to your business. It helps in creating a professional appearance and establishes a consistent brand identity so that you make it easier for your customers to remember and return to your website again. 

When you have integrated with a Subscription billing software make sure you have your own custom domain mapped with their subdomain. 

For example,  

If your business name is www.abc.com, according to your subscription billing software your link automatically changes to www.subscriptions.com when the customer reaches the checkout page. With custom domain mapping feature you can create your own custom domain which will be mapped with their subdomain as www.abc/suscriptions.com.

With this your customer's confidence boosts up during payment and they get satisfied knowing that they are paying the right person. 

These 5 key terms stands with you to get your custom domain 

  • Professional appearance 
  • Brand identity 
  • SEO 
  • Control 
  • Revenue rise 

Thus understanding the importance of getting your custom domain will make your brand's visibility and trust thrive.

Wondering where to get this amazing feature? 

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In partnership with Google Cloud, MYFUNDBOX provides a single platform to enable customer-preferred payments globally. 

MYFUNDBOX allows you to create your own custom domain which will be mapped with its subdomain so that your brand's identity and visibility stays strong. 

With MYFUNDBOX, Instead of having Subscriptions.myfundbox.com, you can create and use Purchase.yourcompanyname.com for all of your customer's checkout page. 

Satisfying your customers and getting you the right flight to growth is what MYFUNDBOX does. 

To drive your SaaS business towards success, join MYFUNDBOX which has amazing features that help you retain your loyal customers and earn recurring revenue. 

So what is the wait for? 

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