Are you Struggling to manage Orphan Sponsorship with Paperwork?

Fundraising CRM -MYFUNDBOX
One fine Evening with a cup of Tea, I and Zarina were sitting in the lawn. Zarina works for an NGO which manages Hundreds of Orphan Sponsorships every year. To my notice, she was so confused, tired and messy putting her NGO accounts of sponsors, individuals, orphans in its right order manually on documents. I was awestruck that in this era of technological wonders she is still hanging around with the paper works.
Soon to ease her difficulty I spoke about ‘MYFUNDBOX’ – A complete donation management software’, wherein the Orphan Management tool is at its best. This tool is specially designed and developed to manage all different kinds of individual, orphan and sponsorships. This saves a lot of time and energy in storing the required information, keeping it accurate, correct, safe, digital and up to date and also at the same time giving a hassle-free experience anytime anywhere.
It is also designed for an unlimited number of users. Donors are also flexible to donate with any of the multiple payment options like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, PayPal, Bank transfer, Direct Debit or Credit Cards, Sofort and more.
Just like for many others, it was a dream come true for Zarina to take up ‘MYFUNDBOX’.

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