MYFUNDBOX and Stripe help more online businesses get paid and fight fraud

As more businesses move and transact online, we're continuously expanding our own solutions to make it simpler for our customers to start, run, and scale their businesses. 

That's why we're excited to partner with Stripe, a leading payments platform, to help our customers get to market easily and securely. MYFUNDBOX Subscription Billing has integrated Stripe directly into our platform for a simple, seamless online payment solution that can help you boost revenue, increase checkout conversions, and improve your customer experience—all with the click of a button.

Stripe makes accepting payments as simple and borderless as the rest of the internet. With the ability to accept payment in 135+ currencies as well as local payment methods, wallets and buy now, pay later options, you can get your products in the hands of your customers more quickly—anywhere in the world. Our partnership also helps you keep your business safer and protect your bottom line with the built-in fraud protection of Stripe Radar. Radar uses machine learning and data from millions of businesses to help you decrease fraud and false declines, improving your authorization rates and optimizing your revenue.

The result? More successful checkouts and a better experience for your customers. 

To learn more about how MYFUNDBOX Subscription Billing and Stripe can help you boost your bottom line and reach more customers—while keeping you safe from fraud visit MYFUNDBOX -stripe landing page or connect with our Sales team through live chat in website

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