A Year in review with MYFUNDBOX!

Time flies! They say.   

January 2022 seemed like it was just a couple of months earlier, but now we are at the end of December 2022, and 2023 is just within a stone's throw.  

January 2022 saw MYFUNDBOX stepping in with zillions of expectations, seizing the unattainable, and enabling you to see the bigger picture of expanding into new geographies in a rapidly booming subscription billing business.   

2022 brought appreciation, hope and improvements to achieve our vision of being a global subscription billing platform.  

Winding up 2022 with MYFUNDBOX: 

Additional payment methods:   

Online transactions are today and will be tomorrow for any business in this globe. Only 16% of consumers are the old- school cash carriers. As the majority wins, online transactions prevail.   

As a subscription billing platform, we are integrated with payment processing decacorns like StripeGoCardless, and Mollie.   

China Union Pay, Bancontact and more have tagged along with VISAMastercard and AmEx. Integration with GoCardless has us spread across the globe; AutoGiro of Sweden, Denmark's Betalingsservice, Canada's PAD and ACH from the United States have been added to multiple shelves of MYFUNDBOX's payment processors.   

  Failed payments are no more a matter of concern:  

Isn't credit card payment failure frustrating and painful to redo the whole process?  

MYFUNDBOX's updated dunning management comes as a saviour. With Dunning capability now extended to New Payments, you can configure   

  • Automatic notification for Payment reminders to be sent  
  • Number of times and sequence they should be sent  
  • Decide on the status of the subscription when all reminders fail  

  With just a click away, you can jump into that list and clear all your unpaid and failed transactions.  

  From 'Traffic' to 'Sale' with Promo codes and coupons:   

Marketing is everywhere. The common marketing practice of bringing in Traffic, List building, Conversion and ultimately Sales has never been this easy with our improvised promo code and coupon code.   

Promotional codes/ coupons aren’t just for commercial businesses, SaaS businesses could benefit from promo codes in attaining more leads and profits.  

This electrifying update about promotion codes and coupon codes would put your business in a high pedestal and skyrocket your sales. 

 Team expansion:   

Over the past year, excited and enthusiastic new team members have been on board in every possible sector. They became a part of our tunnel vision to be a global subscription billing platform. All for helping you tighten your revenue, reach you point-to-point and put your subscription dilemmas at ease.   


We are humbled by the appreciation that has come our way from G2 as a High Performer, Best support, and Easy to use among the rest. As consistency is the key to success, we have been repeatedly awarded as the High Performer in the subscription business for all 4 seasons by G2.    

CapterraGetApp and Software Advice have also recognized us, as the Market Leaders in the Subscription Management category.  


  1. Affiliate program on the move.- Check it out!  
  2. Expanded our boundaries-India is our new venture. We are eager to skyrocket SaaS in India.  

  And that brings us to the end of this rock and roll year of 2022, so here we wish you the new year 2023 is filled with success and prosperity.   

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