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Recurring Billing ,Then and Now

Before diving in to what recurring billing means, I would like to hit the rewind button and take you back to those days  where this concept was handled differently. So when a merchant had  to collect money on a regular basis say it being monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly for the goods or services provided by him to his customers, he would have  to ring a doorbell with a ledger book, a receipt book and a bag to collect his money of course!! 

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Using Digital Resources to Increase Subscription Billings

Earlier this year in our post ‘The Future of Subscriptions Looks Brighter Than Ever’, we wrote how, done right, subscription models have a bright future and have been trending for good reason. Subscription services are increasingly integrated into the life of the modern consumer. Even as the world tries to get outdoors more, subscriptions won’t disappear any time soon. For businesses aiming to implement this type of model, however, a cautionary note: like any type of business, there are no guarantees of success, as this piece on European CEO makes clear. They report that in 2016 alone e-commerce subscriptions had generated €2.3bn in sales. Building and maintaining a successful subscription service requires work and innovation. Part of these two necessities in turn involves learning the hows and whys of harnessing digital resources. Let’s look at ways digital resources can be used to amplify subscription billing.

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