The Benefits of Buying Subscription Billing Software vs Building One

benefits of subscription billing platform

We can do it- It's that slogan in every business meeting that keeps up the vigour to reach the stars and make anything and everything possible.   

 It's not necessary to endure unnecessary hardships when you have the choice to do it the easy way.  

Explicitly when it's practically and financially impossible to continue doing the same old tasks every time along with focusing on the key strategies for growing your business. This is particularly true when it comes to subscription billing software.  

What is subscription billing?  

Subscription billing is the process of billing customers for their subscriptions on a recurring basis.   

This type of automated billing offers many advantages, such as    

  • Customer-convenient billing cycles for each plan  
  • Payment collection at set intervals  
  • Tracking credit card transactions with dunning management  
  • Forecasting predictable cash flow.  

 To get benefitted from adding subscription billing software to your business, you might have a hard time deciding either to build one yourself or purchase an existing solution.  

Building a recurring billing subscription software solution may seem a fair choice, but it’s always easier to buy.   


  1.  Ease in tracking subscribers  
  2. Scaling is effortless  
  3. Cost and time efficiency   

Purchasing subscription billing software has an upper hand over building one from scratch.   

1. Easily track subscribers' information:  

Purchasing subscription billing software is a reliable and secure way to manage your subscriber base. It's simple to track down customers' payment information, update their plans, add features, and more with existing billing software.  

Since these platforms are primarily built for these reasons, they are strong in their forte. Hence they could withstand the trials and tribulations of peak times with no man left behind and provide you with necessary information at needy hours —something that if you construct your own, is not assured.  

2. Scalability to grow your business:  

 When you start a business, it's self-explanatory that you expect it to grow and reach great heights. And so, scalability does not come as a surprise.   

Scalability is a critical feature for a subscription billing system since it needs to handle a large number of transactions, subscribers, and usage data without interruption, especially as the number of subscribers grows.   

And since the off-the-shelf subscription billing platforms are well-equipped, they are is highly scalable and allow businesses to quickly increase their processing capabilities as they grow.  

But businesses opting for an internal solution are usually bound by the limited number of hardware and manpower they possess as per their budget. Companies can more effectively organize their expenditures by adopting subscription billing software, which offers predictable costs.  

3. Sparing time and money:  

It’s important in business to wisely decide the priorities regarding the amount of time, profit, effort and manpower that a particular task has to be filled in.   

When you build your subscription billing solution, you need to invest in resources like hardware, engineering talent, software licenses, and more. This can lead to large costs for hiring developers, setting up the necessary infrastructure, additional maintenance time and cost, and much more.   

It is typically reasonably priced to use ready-made subscription billing software because you just pay for what you use and receive regular upgrades as part of your subscription plan- saving valuable development time and money.  

 About us:   

MYFUNDBOX is a subscription billing platform to help businesses handle recurring billing and revenue management operations integrated with payment processing decacorns like StripeGoCardless, and Mollie.      

It was started to help SaaS companies focus on their growth while we make sure they get paid securely and on time.    

In partnership with Google Cloud, MYFUNDBOX provides a single platform to enable customer-preferred payments globally.   

The ball is in your court, swing it in the direction you will benefit more!  



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