Hurdles of E-Learning

The COVID-19 pandemic came as an acute adversity that flipped throughout life. Many businesses came to a standstill due to the restrictions of staying at home and keeping lives safe.     

The education sector did not remain unstirred too, but what says" The show must go on!"    

Never did it occur even in dreams that globally 1.2 billion children would have to shed their school bags and stay at home. That's when, the digital platforms took it upon their shoulders to carry forward the legacy of teaching but remotely from homes, online.    

Even before COVID-19, online courses were held around the globe. The first-ever completely online course was offered in 1984 by the University of Toronto.    

And with the emerging 5G internet, it's expected to grow in leaps and bounds and continue as part of the routine.     

As everything has its own challenges, there are few in online learning too   

Challenges in the E-learning business:   

  1. Dealing with technology: Technology comes with its perks. Low bandwidth, spotty reception, and other technical issues will lower the students'  interest and enthusiasm, making them frustrated and uninterested eventually. Also, not everybody is techno-savvy in this digital forward world. Assisting students when they have issues logging in or those who are unable to access course essentials does take an ample amount of patience, time and effort.    

Solution: Before joining an online class, students make ensure they have a reliable Internet connection. When they are having issues regarding logging in or access denials they could they should be able to contact the help phone e-mail, phone or live chat from the course handlers   

  1. Sense of isolation: Learning online means minus the company and personal touch between students and teachers. The sense of isolation kicks in and it demotivates the students from actively taking part in completing the assignments and keeping up with the deadlines. These activities require one to be highly motivated to ace the task of time management and not fall behind in the course.   

Solution: Interacting with the students and guiding them while they are demotivated would do the repair and bring them back to track. Online schools also offer a huge networking opportunity for their students. They can not only connect with peers but also with their alumni all over the world, thus bringing back a sense of togetherness.   

  1.  Organize payments: Managing payments manually and reminding about the course fees is a humdrum task to do. It clutters up all the work and is difficult to keep a tab on the who's who of payments. Online payments also bring in the possibility of credit card denials, server management issues, chasing dates etc.  

Solution: Since e-learning courses are global so you would need one-stop solutions for invoicing both local and global students who have enrolled from around the globe. A subscription billing platform that automates your payment dealings achieving you from your manual billing headache would do the trick.  

MYFUNDBOX is a subscription billing platform to help businesses handle recurring billing and revenue management operations. It is also one of few subscription billing platforms which provide the prominent feature of dunning management which organizes all the payment failure and retrying processes automatedly.    





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