The Ongoing Journey of MYFUNDBOX with German Accelerator

We were excited and enthusiastic about our recent batch of G2 spring'23 awards. 

The next big announcement was unlikely for us to achieve in near future.  When our CEO announced our acceptance into the prestigious German Accelerator program, we were elated, but my content writer instinct grabbed my notepad with questions ready.

I asked her, "How is this beneficial for us? What about our customers?"

She acknowledged, "Good question!"

And she went further deeply diving into the knowledge, she enlightened that German accelerator program is a funded program by the German government, where innovative start-ups are expected to pitch in with their product idea and explain their vision and strategy as to how they want to go to the market.

The Beginning:

It all began when German accelerator team was convinced that MYFUNDBOX is going to be one of the key start-ups going forward and they accepted us into the program. This is a very big leap as it encourages, assures and grooms an upcoming startup like MYFUNDBOX. This opportunity was not up for grabs for all. Only innovative and unique start-up ideas could earn their way through it. 

What did this program do?

In this program, we were trained rigorously and enlightened on the different disciplines a startup needs to go through to grow into a potentially bigger start-up. 

Traditionally, a startup usually involves an individual or 2/3 people, whose focus remains on their idea or product. But to move from an idea to an established product and thereby rolling out to multiple customers and position as an acclaimed company requires development in various other sectors as well. That's highlighted and brought to light by the esteemed accelerator program. 

These sectors include,

  • Finance
  • Human resources
  • Technologies
  • Security
  • Go To Market strategy
  • Tax management etc.

How did it inspire MYFUNDBOX?

Did you know?

The startups graduating from accelerator programs have a 23% higher survival rate than their counterparts.

The German Accelerator program allowed MYFUNDBOX to get the insights of other startup founders who were successful and shared the journey from an idea to an end to a successful exit. And it allowed the team to network with other start-ups who are just coming up similar to us or just starting up with their ideas. 

It gave us a pivot to push our product with the necessary expertise that was needed. The mentors from German accelerator team helped us to build the pitch and the information that is required by any venture capitalist or investor to ensure the credibility and capability of our product.

This program serves as a guide to budding startups to make the best use of time and resources instead of doing the guesswork.  

I exclaimed "That's a lot and I am proud to be part of this unique and innovative team! But my other question remains to be answered." She appeared to be quizzed and so I reminded her. 

"How will this benefit our customers?"

Benefits for customers:

She responded as,

Customer satisfaction is the ultimate key to success for any startup.

Being part of this accelerator program provides us with handholding mentorships, carefully crafted frameworks, and essential connections and being part of the intensive community of ambitious peers with similar goals lays down a clear and understandable path and helps us to define the strategy going forward.

These advantages help us to avoid unnecessary trial and error methods due to the bundled knowledge and thoughtful guidance. This saves our customers time and resources as well as we grow together. They are served better and their demands are fulfilled beforehand. 

Moving forward, our customers could expect a better outcome from our product and be part of the future of global subscription billing.

While I heaved a huge sigh of inspiration, she added we are still part of this celebrated program and this companionship will remain intact as we continue to expand our business in various parts of the wide world.  

Huge thumbs-up to that, isn't it?

About us:

MYFUNDBOX is a subscription billing platform that helps businesses handle recurring billing and revenue management operations integrated with payment processing decacorns like Stripe, GoCardless, and Mollie.      

In partnership with Google Cloud, MYFUNDBOX provides a single platform to enable customer-preferred payments globally.  

It was started to help SaaS companies focus on their growth while we make sure they get paid securely and on time. 

German Accelerator program has proved to be an essential stepping stone for us to grow closer to our vision of being a global subscription billing platform. 

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