Subscription Billing

A FinTech Startup View on SaaStock

Being a first time visitor to #saastock2022  in Dublin (probably the same for most Startups like MYFUNDBOX) felt like being on cloud nine as the room was filled with energetic and enthusiastic SaaS Founders, getting ready to Save the World. I mean, apart from all those expert talks trying to share valuable experiences or trying to attract investors or network with potential customers, the zest to survive and succeed through Bootstrapping or climb the ladder for the series X round is on top of the mind of all SaaS pioneers. 

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Benefits of having Cloud infrastructure for Subscription Business –Part 1

With virtual meetings and computing all over, establishments could expand and operate their applications from around the globe, round the clock. Hence executing businesses from a discrete location is behind us.   

Cloud computing, aided by #cloudinfrastructure, comes here as a savior to maintain hassle free storage of data and provides access from multiple devices.  

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Why is Customer Retention important In SaaS Businesses?

A loyal and retained customer will act as an ambassador of your brand and product, and provide recurring cash flow to your business. Bringing New customers is not only an effort taking but promising job as well. It is not about selling a product, it is about gaining customers.  When the matured customers are happy, it’s easier to attract new ones.  

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