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Is Artificial Intelligence good or bad?

Artificial intelligence is a combination of computer science, software engineering, and advanced algorithms that enable computers to perform certain tasks with a degree of human-like capability. AI enables machines to make conclusions with little to no human involvement, learn from past experience, and respond to new parameters. 

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How to avoid involuntary churn with Dunning Management

In any subscription business, reducing customer churn is key for protecting revenue and developing your business to a higher level. Companies must employ tactics to maintain customer relationships and prevent payment failures to decrease churn rates. It is super essential for a business to look after the churn rates, most effectively to reduce involuntary churn.

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How to Bootstrap Your SaaS Business with a Subscription billing?

One fine day, I was manually billing my customers as usual. It would take hours for me to sit and check everything without missing any payments and customers. When handling revenue records, I shockingly found that a particular bill was lost. I was frustrated to the end because that one bill means a lot to me as it would make a huge revenue loss for my business. 

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